This Culture of Excellence Health Check Audit is for my:

    I have used consultants in the past for:

    Corporate Culture consultingSales trainingCustomer service trainingLeadership trainingOther trainingI have not used consultants in the past

    My company recently experienced (or is about to experience) the following changes (check all that apply):

    MergerAcquisitionPrivatizationGoing PublicRestructuringNew LeadershipSignificant Industry ChangesIncreased CompetitionRapid GrowthOther ChangeNone of the above

    My company has the following in place:

    A clear vision and missionA strategic plan with clear goals and objectivesClear communication process that incorporates all employeesNone of the above

    How would you describe your company's corporate culture today?

    ExcellentGoodFairPoorWe're in trouble

    How would you describe your company's overall performance today?

    We are meeting all revenue and profit goals and expectationsWe are operating at a high efficiency levelWe have a high retention rateOur employees are engaged and excited to come to workWe are well equipped to manage changeNone of the above

    My employees are

    Engaged (10)


    Distracted (1)

    Think about your performance goals over the next 12 months. If everything were to stay the same with your corporate culture, what do you believe is the most accurate expected result?

    We will exceed our performance goalsWe will meet, but not exceed, our performance goalsWe will be stagnant and not meet our performance goalsOur performance is declining. We will not meet our performance goals, and may fall below last year's performance.