Core Questions

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  • Coaches know that setting the foundation internally determines how they show up externally.
  • Self-Leadership is the most important action of a real leader. Learning to lead yourself is the highest work and most important work of leadership.
  • What would it be like for you if you understood your inner world and you managed and led it well?
  • What time and effort do you allow yourself, your coaching staff and your athletes to develop internally?
  • Are you willing to invest the time, energy, and effort to get better and develop as a coach, by developing your inner world?
  • What difference can I make for the coaching staff and for the support people who work here?

The Ideal

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  • The ideal on the journey of leadership is that one can become a maturing advancing leader who has an increasing broad impact and effectiveness. This occurs because the individual becomes intentional about the development of their inner world and life.
  • Coaches lead from strong self-awareness, self-management and self-leadership. They have developed an internal sense and respond framework. They possess a learning agility that accelerates and propels them to higher levels of coaching influence and impact.

Our Solution

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  • Legendary Leaders will work to equip you to lead and respond Stronger, Smarter, Faster.
  • We will use the Leadership Assessment tools to assess and evaluate your current behaviors of leadership, build a game plan to develop yourself, and meet regularly for development and coaching.

Action Steps

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  • Contact Legendary Leaders and register to take your Purpose Inspired Coaches assessment.
  • Set up a 90 minute one on one session to walk through your Leadership Assessment.
  • Create your personal game plan to advance your strengths and build your leadership challenge areas.

The World-Class Leadership Assessments Used by Legendary Leaders Give Unparalleled Insight Into Leadership Formation

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