Leading Statements

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  • Leadership Coaching is the ongoing process of assisting the executive¬†to advance in their established game plan for personal and professional development.
  • The Coaching Plan is established from the initial review and interpretation of the selected leadership assessment.

Establish Coaching Plan

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  • Participant will select a minimum of one core strength and one behavioral challenge point from their Leadership Assessment, build their personal Game Plan, with action steps and pre-identified markers to measure real change.
  • The final step is establishing the length of time given for Coaching. It could be a block of hours set for the participant, it could be a plan of three 90 minute sessions over six months, it could be a plan of four 2 hour sessions over the course on 12 months.

Action Steps

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  • Contact Legendary Leaders and register to take your selected Leadership assessment.
  • Set up a 90 minute one on one session to walk through your Leadership Assessment.
  • Create your personal game plan to advance your strengths and build your leadership challenge areas.
  • Establish the 6-12 month plan for advising and coaching.

The World-Class Leadership Assessments Used by Legendary Leaders Give Unparalleled Insight Into Leadership Formation

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