• Ministry and Non-Profit Leaders want to make a real difference in the world. They want people to find true relationship with Christ and mature on that journey. They seek this In their churches and organizations, on their teams, and in their families. Leaders are looking for opportunities to improve themselves, their teams, their organizations, their communities. It’s easy to lose your north star in the midst of trying to create momentum, rally staff and volunteers around a common clear vision, when you’re extremely busy. It’s much more than just metrics and numbers. It’s real people! A few core questions are being asked: “What difference can I make for my church and for the people who work here? How can I inspire and motivate today’s multigenerational and diverse workforce? What time and effort do I allow myself, my leaders and my people to develop the culture?  What political “scripts” exist that is preventing efficiency or transparency? Am I willing to invest the time, energy, and effort to get better and develop as a leader?

What’s the Ideal:

  • The ideal on the journey of leadership is that one can become a maturing advancing leader who has an increasing broad impact and effectiveness. It can truly occur both on the inside, the inner world and life of a leader, and on the outside, the world where leading others, teams, and organizations occur. Adaptive leaders lead from a sense and respond framework. They possess a learning agility that accelerates and propels them to higher levels of influence and impact.
  • When individuals, teams (whether they are staff or volunteers), organizations, and communities come together and form authentic deep relationships, real lasting transformation occurs. Results are improved. Synergy rises. The culture, the workplace, the community becomes a better place.
  • At the foundation, a healthy efficient organization has clarity of purpose and alignment of effort. There is common direction, there are common goals. The organization’s values and culture works for the people as hard as the people work for the culture.

Our Solution is:

  • Legendary Leaders will work to equip you and your leadership teams to lead Stronger, Smarter, Faster. We will assess and evaluate your current personnel and positions, create an accurate picture of your current state of your organization, build a game plan to develop yourself, your teams, and your organization.

Action Steps to Take:

  • Contact Legendary Leaders and register to take the Leader-Manager Profile Leadership assessment.
  • Set up a 90 minute one on one session to walk through your Leadership Assessment.
  • Create your personal game plan to advance your strengths and build your leadership challenge areas.
  • Establish the 6-12 month plan for your personal advising and coaching.
  • The Leader-Manager Profile Instrument will be administered to each identified leader.
  • A 90 minute one on one session to walk through their Leadership Assessment will be set up.
  • A personal game plan to advance their strengths and build their leadership challenge areas will be created.
  • Establishing the 6-12 month plan for advising and coaching will be set up.
  • A two hour team review will be provided to enable the whole team to learn and develop together.

Connect here. Contact us here:

Legendary Leaders contact information. President and CEO Dan Bishop. Option for the individual to provide a description of what the Ministry/Non-Profit leader is looking for. Basic questions about their role, the organization he/she leads, what are some top needs or concerns.