• Coaches are searching for how to build a legacy, strive for significance, and create lasting value in the athletes they coach. Coaches want to succeed both on the field/court/diamond/mat and off the field. Winning the game is extremely important.
  • Coaches do not want to fail in their purpose and calling. The lasting impact of a coach is tremendous, life-long, and life-giving. For many young athletes their coach is the only potential positive influence they have. The power of “coach says” is deeply impacting and for a long time into the future.
  • Winning at life is even more important. Coaches want to keep and build strong relationships on the home front.
  • The overarching question coaches ask is HOW? How can I win in my own inner world? How can I win in my home and family life? How can I win in the lives of every athlete entrusted to me? How can I build character and capacity in my athletes to position them for lifelong success and significance? How can I win more games?
  • The bigger greater question is WHY?

What’s the Ideal:

  • Coaches are great thinkers. They are strategists. They are constantly scouting, recruiting, developing better ways to win, creating keys to victory.
  • What would it be like for a coach if he/she knew their own make up and led and coached well from there? What could happen in their coaching if they knew how to coach their athletes in all 3 dimensions of the physical, mental, and heart? There is an Athlete specific assessment for this.
  • Coaches and athletes can operate from a higher level of competence and competitive edge by understanding their own self leadership, by understanding their own mental make-up, by understanding how they work at building teams and engagement on teams, and working at managing composure in every situation.

Our Solution is:

  • The key to victory is to begin and answer the WHY question provided by the Purpose Inspired Coaches Leadership assessment. It creates the baseline of leadership for coaches. It answers why coaches coach the way they coach?
  • We will provide coaches and those who desire to inspire athletes, insights and behaviors critical for optimum coaching influence.
  • Coaches will discover their own personal self-leadership. We will dig into the arenas of managing emotions, apprehension, and rationality. We will look at how coaches inspire athletes and get things done. The assessment will allow us to dig into how coaches build teams through building trust, building relationships, and through developing attention that enables coaches to read both other coaches and player’s emotions and unspoken concerns, and how coaches motivate players to accomplish extraordinary achievements.
  • A personalized coaching game plan will be created to assist the coach to strategically develop both their top strengths and see transformation in their challenge areas.
  • In addition, Legendary Leaders also provides a detailed Purpose Inspired Athletes assessment that measures similar competencies and attributes of athletes which will be a catalyst for coaches to coach at a different level. Also it provides a clear baseline for athletes to know and understand themselves, identify their strengths and challenges, which will enable them to gain competitive edge to accelerate in the they sport they play as well in life.

Action Steps to Take:

  • Contact Legendary Leaders and register to take the Purpose Inspired Coaches Leadership assessment.
  • Set up a 90 minute one on one session to walk through your Leadership Assessment.
  • Create your personal game plan to advance your strengths and build your leadership challenge areas.
  • Establish the 6-12 month plan for advising and coaching.
  • The Athletic Instrument will be used to do a Team review and interpretation, which will align the focus of development from the coach to the team.

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