Every Pro Coach and Division I Coach, all Executives and Business owners, each Ministry and Non-Profit leader, want three outcomes from any investment they make in their teams and businesses: Stronger leadership ability and adaptability, Smarter learning agility, and Faster and accelerated performance. They want a competitive edge, seek a greater return in their investment, strive for lasting change and greater productivity. However, many team and organizational actions to improve self, teams, and their organizations, be they leadership development, workshops, team development, corporate culture change initiatives, all tend to produce only short-term gains that fade away as teams go back to their old habits.

Why? Because real and sustainable transformation can only happen when leaders and teams feel engaged at the core and are aligned with a higher sense of purpose and meaning. Specifically, leaders, coaches, athletes, and employees must see and believe in the organization’s mission, strategy, and goals because these are aligned with their personal purpose; employees must see that the way leadership conducts business is in alignment with their personal values and the expressed values of the organization, and finally, all must believe that people at all levels are going to be held accountable for performing at the highest level of excellence.

With multi-generational cultures in play, with real experiences lived over time that have framed personal perspectives, each interprets the world and context of their team and organization through that lens. What could it be like in your corporate environment, what could it be like in your sports organization and team, if everyone was moving in the same direction, getting Stronger, Smarter, and Faster?