Dan Bishop, President & CEO

Dan is an expert in developing top organizational leaders in their personal and professional lives. He consults and coaches leaders Nationally and Internationally. Dan uses a laser sharp approach that fosters development and real growth in a leader’s character and competencies. He also is an expert in developing organizational leadership structures and strategies. He has the ability to help top leaders find greater clarity and focus in their organizations to bring alignment of effort across all levels in their organizations.

Dan has served and led in top organizational positions for over three decades. He has worked extensively with executive leaders and teams, non-profit leaders, pro and division 1 coaches and athletes, pro sports chaplains, middle management teams, and government leaders. He currently leads as the National Director of Training and Development for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He has Masters in Organizational Leadership. He is a certified Leadership Advisor. Is a Master Certifier for leadership assessments designed by The Lions Lead. He is also a certified coach and facilitator of the Serving Leader Model designed by the Newton Institute.